Paper + Ink Packaging

This project prompt was to choose a set of three related products and redesign the packaging, labeling, and visual design. We needed to incorporate a more sustainable packaging that would be better for the environment and solve unique problems presented by each product.

I chose to redesign packaging for office supplies. My solution started with replacing the plastic clamshells with craft paper boxes. Not only do they look good and make the consumer feel good about the products, they can also be made from recycled paper and completely recycled when the consumer doesn't wish to use them as storage.

The hexagon shape of these boxes hold the triangular-shaped binder clips more securely, and influenced the design of the other two products to create a unique and coordinating set.

Pushpins can be painful to pick up when the packaging has them freely contained. I chose to use recycled cardboard as a landing place for push pins to be when not in use.

Paper clips can link together and be difficult to grab only one. I incorporated magnets in the lid of this box so only a few are pulled from the box when you open it. The magnets can also be used from the top and can hold any metal office supplies securely when someone needs a quick place for them.