Rotten Tomatoes UX Redesign

This partner UX assignment was to redesign an existing website while taking into consideration user pain points, competitors, and incoming technology. My partner and I chose to redesign Rotten Tomatoes. Our goals were to integrate the review system into streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, while refining the process for making and reading reviews on the site.


Among our survey reseults, we discovered that over 90% of surveyed users were not likely to leave reviews of their own on Rotten Tomatoes. The problem we wanted to find an answer to was how can we increase user interaction on Rotten Tomatoes by changing the website's design?

Pain Points

Users dislike having to make account or log in with Facebook

Site design doesn't emphasize user review process

Unnecessary content on the page clutters and cheapens experience


Simplifying home and movie pages makes it easier for users to find what they're seeking.

Users can sign in with their streaming service credentials or leave reviews anonymously.

User reviews are split into categories to encourage in-depth commentary.

Integration with streaming platforms allows users to leave reviews through Rotten Tomatoes after finishing a movie.