White Salmon Website Redesign

This project was to redesign my hometown's website. I grew up in the small town of White Salmon, Washington, and currently the White Salmon website is a mix of nonsensical information archtecture and poor design planning. My vision for this project was to organize the information needed on the site in a more organized way, and use the design of the site to draw in more tourist appeal.


On the bluffs of the Columbia Gorge, White Salmon boasts some amazing sunsets, landscapes, and outdoor recreation. The current site didn't emphasize any of that, and instead used poor photos of the main boulevard.

The content is heavily government-centered, primarily serving as a place where minutes and meeting notes can be recorded or government forms can be accessed. The few pages about White Salmon itself are text-heavy, uninteresting, and unhelpful. There are no pages curated for tourists or visitors to the area.


Maria wants to stay involved in the community; she pays her water bill on the White Salmon website, so she visits it about once a month. Seeing community events and information can help her be more involved. She wishes events such as the Monster Mash, band concerts, and Santa’s Breakfast were advertised on the site so more community members would see them.

Julia loves living in the city, but wishes her family was closer to the outdoors. She is planning a fun vacation soon so her son can experience why she loves the PNW so much. Julia and her husband want to go stay somewhere quaint with access to the sports they love, but cheap enough for a substantial stay. She visits the White Salmon website to see what is available for visitors, but doesn’t find any relevant information and decides to visit somewhere else.

Strategy Statement

White Salmon’s website redesign will consolidate information relevant to city government workers in a convenient area, while making it easy for residents of the town to pay their bills and get involved in the community. A tourism section will promote local businesses to visitors, and show off the amazing scenic views & activities available in White Salmon.



Final Designs